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Become a Medical Assistant

What is Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant is an allied health care job that primarily works in the Doctors offices as well as medical centers and other health care facilities. They perform day to day duties such as medical office physical examination, basic laboratory skills and procedures, back office procedures such as taking and charting medical histories, recording vital signs, explaining treatment procedures. Medical Assistants also schedule appointments, provide customer service and telephone techniques, bookkeeping, record management, insurance billing and collection, diagnostic and procedural coding.

certified nursing assistant

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Among the vast array of health care careers lies the area of direct care giving. These professionals are often classified as Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Nurse’s Aides, Patient Care Technicians and several other titles depending on the work environment and the region. Certified Nursing Assistants plays a vital role in providing the most basic needs for patients, young and old alike, whether it is in a nursing home, hospital, adult day health centers, assisted living facilities and even personal homes. Student will learn how to work closely with patients and provide assistance with daily living tasks.

home health aide training

Associate of Science in Healthcare Management

What is an Associate of Science in Healthcare Management (ASHM)?

Earn you nationally-accredited Associate’s degree in Healthcare Management and learn about healthcare technology, marketing and medical office administrative skills. Pursue a career as a clinical director, health information mangement corporate director, health information management director, health manager, mental health program manager, office manager, practice administrator, or program manager. This program generally prepares you for entry-level administrative jobs or to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

acute care cna

Become a Licensed Vocational Nurse

What is Licensed Vocational Nurse?

An LVN performs basic patient assessment, administer prescribed medicines, give injections, charting, do vital signs, dress wounds, give enemas, report changes in patient’s conditions, help develop care plans, evaluate patient needs, supervise Certified Nursing Assistants and do other nursing procedures and functions that are within the Vocational Nursing Scope of Practice

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General requirements for all programs:

  • Minimum age requirement at 16 years of age with parents’ consent.
  • Completely filled out application form.
  • Must passed the entrance examination administered by MCC.
  • Valid I.D. and Social Security Card
  • Must not have been convicted in any court of law of any major crime.
  • Additional requirements vary upon chosen program.*

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