Medical Assistant Program

Medical Assistant is an allied health care job that primarily works in the Doctor's offices as well as medical centers and other healthcare facilities.

Nursing Assistant Program

Nursing Assistants plays a vital role in providing the most basic needs for patients, young and old alike, to work closely and provide assistance with daily living tasks.

Associate of Science in Healthcare Management

Pursue a career that would generally prepare you for entry-level administrative jobs or to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

Vocational Nursing Program

A Licensed Vocational (LVN) is an important member of a health care team working in hospitals, long term care settings, home health, physician offices, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers and emergency medical centers providing basic bedside care for patients under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses.

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train with the best

We are founded on basic principles including integrity, altruism & advancing the future of the most medical professions.

Hands-on Skills Training

Moving forward you will be paired with our highly skilled medical professionals who will support and hone your own skills to be the best – in a one on one or class training scenario.

Dedicated to Your Success

Medical Career College offers several routes towards your career goals, helping you make a decision that will bridge to your successful future.

Build your Career Network

Here at MCC, you will not only learn to improve, you will also grow as an individual while meeting new friends that can become family.  Together we help each other become the person we ought to be.

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mission statement

Here at the Medical Career College, we provide working adults rigorous academic programs geared to becoming independent learners and compassionate healthcare providers.

Our school was born of a sincere desire to provide an excellent education to student-nurses; and, due to our growth & success, we have expanded our programs, which now include a vast multitude of educational options (including nursing) within the medical field.


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Open Enrollment for Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant and Associate of Science in Healthcare Management!!

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